Upon Arrival

  • The tour manager, lead driver, director or designated group contact will be contacted by a HUB representative the day before scheduled arrival to go over details, provide helpful information, directions, and answer any questions that the group leader may have.
  • Upon arrival, a HUB representative will greet the group at the entrance and go over details of the experience. Typically we have the girls change while the boys eat, then switch after the rooms are cleared.
  • HUB will provide:
    • Two (2) primary changing rooms without showers
    • A separate, private and very large ‘make-up & changing’ area for girls
    • Additional changing rooms at a ratio of 1 per 20 travelers, each with a shower. One (1) of these is expected to be used as a VIP room, with the others for the group to change and shower, should they choose
  • Anticipated group experience 60-90 minutes, depending on the group’s pace